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Bram Barker is an Australian born composer, currently based in Japan. Most recently, his music has been featured in the popular Konami game, Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven), and his concert music has been performed by orchestras in Australia, the USA, and Asia. He has also achieved acclaim as a writer of film music and pop music.

Bram studied classical guitar and composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where he wroted the music for Frances OfConnor's graduation production. After graduating with honours from the University of Western Australia in 1996, he was offered a scholarship to attend Rice Universityfs Shepherd School of Music, and moved to the USA. He received his Masters in Composition there in 1999 and then worked in New York as a composer and assistant professor of music until he moved to Tokyo in 2003. In Japan, Bram has taught at Keio and Waseda, and is now writing music for games and feature films.