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Toy Box Theater are a New York production company who featured Barker's music in their Sounds Of The City.
Greg Ewer, violinist for the Oregon Symphony Orchestra was concert master of the Shepherd School String Ensemble for Barker's Triptych.
The West Australian Symphony Orchestra performed Barker's Between Reasons.
The Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra performed Barker's Montrose Tour.
YouTube page with educational songs for children.


Nanokids is a digitally animated educational package, funded by the National Science Foundation.
Alastair Willis is conductor of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and conducted the Shepherd School String Ensemble for Barker's Triptych.
Roger Smalley was Composer in Residence for theWest Australian Symphony Orchestra and conducted them for Barker's Between Reasons .
Maxime Bibeau is Principal Double Bass for the Australian Chamber Orchestra .
David Campbell is a double bassist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and performed Barker's electronic Piece for Double Bass and CD.
Ross Adrian Williams is a composer and producer who lectures in audio engineering at the Art Institute of New York.